A year ago Paul collaborated with StrongFirst - a global provider of strength education specializing in kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight training - to create a training program to apply strength training methods to our dynamic duo trapeze skills.

We were preparing our act to perform at the Nikulin Circus Festival and wanted to feel super confident with tricks that we had never before done in a show. There isn’t really any literature out there guiding circus artists on how to program and train their skills to peak for a competition. So Paul contacted Fabio Zonin of StrongFirst to ask if he had any ideas on how to structure a training program for us.

Here is the complete article he wrote for StrongFirst, with all of the nitty gritty details about our experience training with the StrongFirst Program.

This training philosophy has completely changed the way we think about training our skills on trapeze, and prepared us better than we could have hoped to compete at the Nikulin Circus Festival in Moscow where we ultimately won the Silver Elephant Prize. Thanks again to @x_fab_69 and @strongfirst for all the help.