As we prepare for the festival at Monte Carlo, we have chosen to train our duo trapeze act in one of our favorite cities in the world: Barcelona.

We have returned several times to this place, not just because we love the city but because it also happens to have one of the best training facilities for circus in the world. La Central del Circ is a 3,000 m2 creative space dedicated for circus professionals with resources available for training, rehearsing and creating new work.

We love working here because we have absolute freedom. We can train anytime, morning or afternoon, or both. There is a foam pit so we can try new tricks without the hindrance of safety lines. Or, we can set up our safety lines and ask a friend to pull for us. We can rig our crane bar and hang the trapeze at any height we want. We can practice skills on the in-ground trampoline or spend an extra hour stretching in the physio room. Perhaps best of all, they are closed on the weekends so we are forced to take two days of rest each week.

This space has become dear to us and is now our first choice for what we’ve come to call “train-cation”. One day it would be nice to take a real vacation, without the training, but until then we are more than satisfied to spend the holidays here in sunny Barcelona.