Sydney! We're coming to you very soon and we'll be teaching a workshop:

Basics of Duo Trapeze Technique

Create a solid foundation of partnering knowledge, introducing basic duo trapeze technique and fundamental skills.

Starting with proper warm-up techniques to prepare both the base and flyer for training, we’ll move on to basic partnering skills, including basing positions and how to perform mounts onto the trapeze. We’ll introduce skills in the three areas of partnering on duo trapeze: below the bar, on the bar and above the bar as well as how to combine skills with smooth transitions.

Please sign up with a partner in order to get the most out of this workshop.

Prerequisites: This is an All Level workshop, but students should have at least some basic duo experience as well as good body awareness, and the ability to perform pull-ups and inversions without assistance.

Saturday 25th May, 4pm - 6pm

Location: Aerialize, 7-9 Close St, Canterbury NSW 2193

Cost: $100 (AUD) per person (must sign up with a partner)

Places are strictly limited, so BOOK NOW!

We're also available for private lessons; please contact us to schedule.