During the months of September and October this year we are performing duo trapeze aboard the Silja Serenade, a cruise ship going between Stockholm and Helsinki each day. So far it has been an absolute dream come true to get to explore two such beautiful Scandinavian cities.

Paul worked in Sweden years ago when he was performing flying trapeze, so he was already familiar with the region. But for quite some time I’ve dreamed of coming here, and not just for the incredible coffee. I’ve always been attracted to certain aspects of Scandinavian culture: their minimalist design aesthetic, eating fish for breakfast, the concepts of hygge (comfort and coziness) and lagom (moderation and balance). There’s also something quite impressive about a society that has found ways to endure long, dark winters without going completely mad.

Now that we’re actually here, I can say that it has surpassed even my high expectations. This is a place that I don’t expect to tire of during our contract, and I am already planning my way back in the near future.